GreedFall review

GreedFall review


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You’ll see a lot of people comparing GreedFall to BioWare games, and they’re not wrong.
At its base level, the game feels like Dragon Age set in the 1600s, with some Witcher 3-esque combat.
The graphics are amazing, and the landscapes are beautiful.
Coupled with a (mostly) immersive story and top-notch voice acting, GreedFall more than makes up for the RPG void left in the wake of Anthem.
The combat, whilst taking a bit of time to get used to, is pretty slick, with plenty of variety for playstyles.
I’d also like to give particular praise to the level of effort put into the design of the Native tribes.
Each has their own distinct ways of life, and the general look and feel of each of the villages are entirely enthralling.
Along with that is the natives’ accents and language (I believe of Celtic roots), which has been created entirely for this game, serving to add even further to the level of immersion.
This game is exactly what I expected from the trailers. It’s a good, fun, RPG that scratches my RPG itch.
Combat took me a little to get used to, but once I got used to how it plays I began to really enjoy it.
Companions are interesting and the faction juggling is fun. Choices can be difficult, but weighing moralities is always interesting.
Definitely worth the purchase. Not a perfect AAA game but it contains TONS of content and enjoyable storytelling.

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