All kind of giveaways here: Small games, AAA titles, random games, gift cards….and more!

Keep in mind: in order to receive your prize, if you win, you need to be a member of discord server, and, to have your twitch account associated with your discord! Everyone can join on giveaways….but need to be a member of the community(at the same time, to avoid alts)

Keep in mind: Always it’s a small chance, a key to be dupe/broken! If we don’t have that game available, you will be rewarded with another game or Funcoins compensation! (It hasn’t happened yet-update 13/04/2021)

Twitch subscribers, please request access for subscribers giveaways! (DM @gamer4fun2u on discord)

Anytime, you can check the giveaways winners:

Also…on every stream can get a coupon with free funcoins:

10$ Steam Gift Card

        10$ Steam Gift Card for my subscribers! PS. The winner needs to be a subscriber when the giveaway ends!!

Estimated End Date: 12/05/2021

Max tickets/user:25 Ticket price:250 Funcoins    
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Elex + Darkwood


End Date: 10/05/2021

Maximum tickets/user:25

Ticket price: 200 Funcoins
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Battletech: Digital Deluxe Edition + Creed: Rise to Glory


Everyone can join!

End date: 07/05/2021

Max tickets/user: 25

Ticket price: 200 Funcoins  
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Generation Zero + Rad – giveaway

End Date: 15/04/2021

Everyone can join! Maximum 25 tickets/user!

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Dead in Vinland + Tropico 4 (+11 DLC)

    Tropico 4 DLC included:
  • Apocalypse
  • Junta
  • Megalopolis
  • Modern Times
  • Pirate Heaven
  • Plantador
  • Propaganda!
  • Quick-dry Cement
  • The Academy
  • Vigilante
  • Voodoo
Max tickets/user:25 Ticket price: 200 Funcoins End date: 23/04/2021
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Lumberjack’s Dynasty + Moons of Madness


End date: 29/04/2021

Subscribers giveaway!     

Max tickets/user:25

Ticket price:200 Funcoins                                      

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Darksiders III + Warsaw

  End Date: 03/05/2021

Everyone can join!

Maximum tickets/user: 25 Ticket price:200 Funcoins    
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Hitman 2 + Book of Demons


End date: 19/04/2021

Maximum tickets/user: 25 Price ticket: 200 Funcoins Everyone can join!
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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice + Automachef


End date: 27/04/2021

Maximum tickets/user:25 Ticket price: 200 Funcoins

Everyone can join!!

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Win free games and coupons!!

New lottery! A new opportunity for everyone to get free games! 20 Funcoins/ticket, can have how many you want! Special prize: 3£ discount coupon, to spend in store!! First place gets 3 Random games! Second place gets 2 Random games! 3rd place gets 1 Random game! PS: you can have more than one lucky ticket!
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Draw the winner!

5 Winners guaranteed! 1000,800,600,400,200 Funcoins!! More tickets....more chances!
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Weekly 6/49

Automatic lottery: every week 6/49! 50 Funcoins/ticket! 2 correct picks = 100 Funcoins;3 correct picks = 600 Funcoins;4 correct picks = 2000 Funcoins;5 correct picks = 10000 Funcoins;6 correct picks = 40000 Funcoins. More tickets...more chances!      
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6/49 Lottery

Do you want to be rich? 10 Funcoins/ticket! 2 nr=20 Funcoins,3 nr=200 Funcoins,4 nr=1000 Funcoins,5 nr=5000 Funcoins,6 nr=10000 Funcoins.And...jackpot! More tickets...more chances!  
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