Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that the channel currency is being implemented on the website – Funcoins!!

You can access this tab in the upper right corner (hold your mouse over the name), where you can see your current funcoins (or on your profile tab).


Funcoins are a new addition on the website, they are your site currency and you can use them for some site functions and exchange them for rewards(pay in store).


There are some very simple ways to gather your Funcoins:

  • register on the website
  • discord giveaways
  • twitch stream
  • daily visit
  • referral visit and registration
  • view a product in store
  • coupons
  • upload a picture/avatar
  • commenting
  • more ways added as the site gets updated, feel free to explore and discover more funcoins
  • giveaways on the discord server
  • convert your 4funpoints from a twitch channel

Keep in mind that spamming comments on the website will result in you losing funcoins!!


Now, this is the exciting part! You can use your funcoins, to spin the wheel on the website, buy tickets for lotteries/giveaways, or use them to try your luck with scratch cards and other website features!!
You can find the scratch card feature under the [Special website features] tab, and the spinning wheel is on [Twitch featured] tab.
You get 2 free spins per day, for any extra spins or scratches you will have to pay 5 funcoins per attempt.

You can enter giveaways! (Check giveaways page)

You can now also purchase games, for funcoins! Find them on the “store page” tab, on the website.
You can pay 50% of the full price, with Funcoins!!

To be noted: redeeming coupons can also require a certain amount of funcoins!

More features and ways to gather funcoins are coming soon, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the updates on this thread and the site itself, it’s being worked on every day!

Become the richest person on the site, and good luck gathering funcoins! 🙂

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