Deck of Ashes review


Deck of Ashes is another deck builder in the midst of very welcomed growing genre. This game, however, does stand out to me for a lot of reasons. First of all, if you’ve played and loved other deck builders like Slay The Spire, Fate Hunters, Neoverse and have sunk hours upon hours then you’ll fit right at home here. The main core idea of the Deck Building genre is still relevant here, start with a base deck, overcome obstacles, and slowly grow your deck to see how far you can get in a single run. Now, where Deck of Ashes stands out for me are the various change-ups you wouldn’t expect. These can be extremely long-form runs with a lot of time invested into a build. You’ll be exploring a map via travelling on nodes that will have you doing random events like choices, shops, enemy encounters, etc. You have a base camp to spend money and various resources to upgrade your character’s health, a chance to proc effects, etc. The “Deck of Ashes” aspect comes from you having to craft your cards by collecting ashes from enemies and drops on the map and then using your card recipes that you obtain throughout your run to build a deck. Combat is unlike any card builder I’ve played before, once you use up a card you have to spend resources to bring them back to your draw pile. Either through special means, paying health, resting a campfire or base. Basically, explore the map, upgrade your deck, upgrade your stats, avoid death, then wait for the BOSS of the map to come after you. There is honestly so much choice in the way that you go about things. It’s really fun and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who loves deck builders and want to see a new take on the genre.

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