How to get free Funcoins?


Few ways, how you can get FREE Funcoins to spend in store/giveaways!

  • -Best way: watch/lurk on stream (get 4funpoints and exchange it for Funcoins)
  • -Twitch live stream coupon-150+
  • -Discord giveaways-200+
  • – Subscribers discord giveaways-500+
  • -Funcoins for registration-20+ Funcoins
  • -Funcoins for daily visit-20+ Funcoins
  • -Funcoins for viewing content:product,post,page,forum,topics,replies-10 Funcoins(each/1/day)
  • -Funcoins for login-20 Funcoins/day
  • -Funcoins for comments-5 Funcoins(Max 3 times/day)
  • -Funcoins for refferals:
  • a)-Reffering visitors:20+ Funcoins(Max 3 times/day)
  • b)-Reffering signups:1000 Funcoins
  • -Funcoins for different profile activity,avatar upload,profile cover,friendship,fav activity,etc
  • -Funcoins for sending invites:10+ Funcoin(Max 3/day)
  • -Funcoins for accepting invites:10+ Funcoins(Max 3/day)
  • -Funcoins for review a product in store:20+ Funcoins(Max 2/day)
  • -Funcoins for voting polls:20+ Funcoins/poll
  • -Funcoins for FREE spin every day: Wheel
  • -Lotteries/giveaways
  • -Scratch cards
  • More ways if you explore!

You need more Funcoins to enter on giveaways?

Now, the option to buy more!